Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Spring Hill TimeBank

Helping to Build Community,
One Hour at a Time!

We're bringing a new way of building community and helping one another to our area.
It's old-fashioned values of neighbor helping neighbor using modern, high-tech tools.

Is the Spring Hill Timebank for you? Answer these six questions to find out!

  1. Would you like to be part of a group that is actually helping solve some of our social problems by joining with others who pool their knowledge, skills, and energy?
  2. Is asking for a favor from others easier when you know you will have a chance to pay them back?
  3. Do you feel good giving something back (time) to people when they cooperate and do things for each other?
  4. Do you feel safer and more secure with people around you whom you can trust?
  5. Do you want to widen your circle of friends and acquaintances, increasing the opportunities for you to improve the quality of your life?
  6. Do you want to help keep the planet in such a state that it will be of use to future generations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a candidate for the Spring Hill Timebank!

The Mission of the Spring Hill Timebank

We help Spring Hill and the area 20 miles to the North, South, and East create a network of neighbors who care for each other. We build and strengthen relationships by connecting people who have unmet needs with people who have untapped resources.

Why Time Banking?

Life has changed and our friends and family do not always live nearby. It is not so easy to ask neighbors for help these days, particularly if we do not know if we can ever pay them back.

Timebanking is a rewarding and enjoyable way to bring people together once again to share their skills. Just like in a babysitting circle or shared household, people get the help they need and help each other out by taking turns to be responsible for some of the care, social needs, and practical support that we all need from time to time. The only difference is that with Timebanking, people of all ages and all abilities can join in and exchange a whole range of skills.

We believe that every person in society is of value no matter what their age or ability. Everyone has knowledge and experience, and every person has the ability to help someone in their community. Not everyone can do every-thing, but everyone can do something. And every one of us has something we need!